There’s no denying the fact that India produces some of the best wooden furniture in the world. Indian craftsmen are revered all over for their skill and the dedication by which they manufacture furniture pieces. Besides, Indian workers are known to merge contemporary styles and traditional aesthetics in their work.

The furniture that you buy for your home would be one of the most expensive items in your house and must withstand the tests of time. Hence, wooden furniture is the best bet and it’s very important that you buy only the best quality furniture that you can afford.

While buying  wooden furniture keep the following things in mind.

Type of wood

The type of wood used for building the pieces is the most important thing to consider while buying furniture. There are many types of wood that are available and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Teak is one of the best woods but it’s also among the most expensive. This is because teak is one of the most pest-resistant and termite-resistant woods in the world. Furniture made from Indian or Burma teak looks good even when you don’t polish them. They have their own ethereal beauty.


Even if you choose the best quality wood, remember that the finishing given to the furniture is of huge importance. In fact, the finishing and the final look of Indian furniture matter a lot. It also plays a big role in determining the correct price of Indian wooden furniture. The better it looks, the greater its cost. The furniture that you buy is likely to be a permanent fixture and stay on for decades. Wooden furniture is known to last for centuries. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Get the best Indian wooden furniture that you can afford. Cheap furniture is unlikely to last long and will involve a recurring expense in maintenance.


The material used in certain types of furniture like couches, sofas, etc. is an important aspect to be looked into. Cushions are mostly made from sponges or soft cotton. Ensure that the sponge isn’t too soft. In that case, the person sitting on it would plunge into the couch and this could create problems with the posture. Again, the sofa mustn’t be too hard like a hard-backed chair. Choose a cushion that has medium softness.

Color of the cushion

The cotton or sponge used in the cushion needs to be covered with a material that makes the couch or sofa appear presentable. While looking for Indian furniture made from wood, try to buy pieces that have cushion covers that could be changed. In this way, you can give your Indian furniture pieces a new look from time to time.

Indian furniture needs to be properly maintained. While that doesn’t necessarily warrant extensive care, a fresh coat of polish every two-three years would go a long way in retaining its luster. Though it’s sometimes expensive, wooden furniture scores above all other types of furniture.

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